Inside The Song with guest KJ Denhert

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I am thrilled to be hosting KJ Denhert for this month's Inside the Song. Inside the song is a peek into the artist and songwriter’s mind during the act of creation. It’s an opportunity for fans/music lovers and songwriters to glean a deeper understanding of the back stories, the judgements, the skill set, and the guidelines that influenced the artists we admire in making the songs we love. You, the audience, will get to ask your questions in the comment section during the show.

Inside the Song is the second Thursday of every month. Attendance is free. Free-will donations are requested and go entirely and directly to the performer.

I just love MCing The Folk Project Open Stage, North Jersey’s premier open stage. We are live on the second Friday of every month. Come in person, and play or listen. You can also view the show on line. The Main Stage features two-song (or ten minutes, whichever is shorter) sign-up slots for our audience. To sign up to perform email Chairman Todd at Tickets are $5 at the door.