Greenwich Village Folk Festival - Celebrating Christin Lavin's Seasons Compilation

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I am honored to be included in Christine Lavin's compilation. And in celebration of the release of Christine Lavin's "Seasons Project", a collection of 80 songs and hundreds of pages of notes and stories all on a thumb drive - in a beautiful box crafted by a Ukranian Artist, some of the artists on the compilation will be performing. I am so happy to be joining them for two songs. The artists playing are; Christine Lavin, Robin Batteau, Daniel Cainer, Kat Goldman, Jane Godfrey, Kyle Hancharick, Judy Kass, Rod MacDonald, Mad Agnes, Tina Ross and David Roth. 3 ways to watch: Please join us -- the concert can be viewed LIVE and FREE Online: Facebook: You Tube: And starting the following day you will be able to view it any time at: