Inside The Song with guest Carole Wise - A concert/interview hybrid Zoom

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CAROLE WISE performs for our Inside the Song Series – a concert/interview hybrid. Host Tina Ross looks forward to sharing Carole’s music and her organic, spirited process of songwriting. Please join us. The show is free, with free-will donations going straight to the artist. Inside the Song is a peek into the artist and songwriter’s mind during the act of creation. It’s an opportunity for fans/music lovers and songwriters to glean a deeper understanding of the back stories, the judgements, the skill set, and the guidelines that influenced the artists we admire in making the songs we love. Tina Ross, host of the series, and a singer-songwriter herself, will guide us all through an hour of music. You will get to ask your questions in the comment section during the show. Inside the Song is normally the second Thursday of every month. November’s episode is on the second Wednesday. Maine singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Carole Wise, is returning to the stage after a long caregiving hiatus. Her guitar/mandolin playing is intricate and straight forward and her lyrics are nuanced, lyrical and both personal and universal. The title cut of her CD, The Long Way Home, charted in the top 20, on Folk Radio.