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“Tina – One of the greatest Singer Songwriters of the 21st Century!” 

“Oh, my God.  She sent me three recordings from the album she is working on and I have chills just thinking about them.” 

~ Christine Lavin

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Recording Artist/Author/Videographer

"She's the real deal!" 

~ Dan Navarro 

Singer/Songwriter Dan Navarro Music, National VP Recording Artist Singer at SAG-AFTRA, Walla voice actor Fox Animation Studios

Press review #2

“Tina Ross is a Singer/Songwriter who combines evocative, inventive guitar playing with superb poetry that weaves colorful, emotional imagery around her beautifully sung, gorgeous melodies.  Listening to her songs is a personal experience that I want to have again and again.” 

~ Steve Seskin 

Songwriter, Grammy-nominated with seven number one songs, NSAI Hall of Fame Nominee, Keynote speaker.

"We love your music, you have so much talent.  Big fans here - best from Toronto." 

~ Blues & Roots Radio


Early Reviews of "While I'm Here" The Album 

“I think Ella Fitzgerald or Lena Horne would’ve considered covering such music. The whole CD doesn’t miss the target…ever.  The songs warm the soul like a fireplace in the winter & fill the room with a special amber glow. A Judy Collins-type presentation in the house of Tina Ross. This has substance. She doesn’t waste a word. “…will she leave some life unused…” nice stuff, thought-provoking. Not what you’d find on mainstream radio by cookie-cutter singers.”  

~ Americana Highways John Apice

Long Bio

Tina Ross is an emerging New York Singer Songwriter making up for lost time. In her second act, she overcomes injuries indicative of her craft to pursue her very patient muse with resilience and perseverance. Ross is full-speed (double time) songwriting with The Jack Hardy Songwriting Exchange and Steven Seskin, recording with Mark Dann (having recently finished her debut album), performing, and embracing her growing music community. 

Tina's first act informs her music; as a mother, wife, grandmother, chiropractor, nutritionist, advocate for raising awareness of food insecurity and hunger, public speaker, vocalist in a Jazz trio, and a forever hopeful fan of music. Her life with music wasn't just peripheral. At age ten, she performed at local libraries. In college, she performed on campus during her semesters studying voice. Even throughout professional school, Tina never stepped away from her musical roots. 

Tina had to overcome challenges before she could fully explore a songwriter career. After being accidentally hit in the throat, she could not talk for more than five minutes without her voice frying. Singing was out of the question. She worked through this successfully with doctors, physical therapists, and vocal coaches. And after she injured her hands as a chiropractor, she searched for a way to adjust her guitar playing to the limitations of this disability. Open tunings became an essential part of Ross’s music, opening sonic landscapes that she would not have imagined without that adaptation. This discovery resulted in distinctive, nuanced textures in her guitar playing.  

Tina Ross hosts the Open Stage and hosts and produces the monthly online series “Inside the Song” for The Folk Project of New Jersey.  Tina interviews seasoned songwriters and explores their songwriting process. Guests have included Dar Williams, Ellis Paul, and Christine Lavin.  Tina brings her innate curiosity to understand the vision behind an artist’s work. 

Tina Ross combines her soaring, intimate voice and sonic-scaped guitar playing with songs that resemble the white space of a timeless painting. Here she probes the indispensable space between yin and yang, light and dark. That space creates shapes, allowing everything to exist, and nothing happens without it. A quiet, elegant fierceness runs through her songs, speaking to wonder, humility, doubt, defiance. They are imbued with vulnerability and mastery alike, a testament to giving it one’s very best shot, to paraphrase the title, while we are here. She’s been recognized by the UK Songwriting Contest and The International Blues and Roots Radio Contest as a finalist and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest as an Honorable Mention. 

Tina's upcoming album is her official imprint into the digital folk community after a year of performing in notable folk conferences and festivals, including Folk Alliance, opening for Tom Chapin, and appearing as a special guest of Christine Lavin. 

Her lyrics illuminate and unveil the endless discovery that sparks the forging of an authentic life. “I am my most authentic self when singing and writing music and am grateful that I did not let more time pass before I dove in.”


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